The New York Giants - #DraftPickett

This site, although a Fantasy Sports site, will also have blogs a few times a week with a topic that is interesting to me or a topic that I am opinionated on.

The first topic that I want to blog about is the New York Giants. As a Giants fan, I am blinded every off-season that this is the year the Giants make the right moves to build around Barkley, Jones and the rest of the "play makers" we have. Every year we say, "Man, if we get a good pass rush and fix the O-line we have a chance to win the NFC East". Enough! This is a pipe dream, the Giants this year have the opportunity to have two Top-6 picks and have a chance to get one of the most exciting players in the NCAA, Kenny Pickett. The 6'3" QB is a true dual threat player, with a good QB IQ and knack for winning. Sure, is there a chance that Daniel Jones could still be NFL relevant? Possibly, but I don't want to wait another year to find out that no upgrade to our O-line makes a bit of difference.

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