The New York Giants are at a crossroads & the Seattle Seahawks are the crossing guards...

The New York "Football" Giants have already decided that the way of the future does not include Jason Garrett, Dave Gettlemen or Joe Judge. So we are at a crossroads on the next era of our beloved football team and I believe that it a starts with Seattle. If Russell Wilson decides that he no longer wants to play for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks and whines up in the greatest city in the world playing QB for the Giants we need to RUN out and sign the Bills assistant GM, Joe Schoen and the ex-Dolphins defensive minded head coach, Brian Flores. We need the team to be held together with a smart coach that can use the defensive pieces we have while we have a young GM from a pass happy system build around a QB with a lot left in the tank on the biggest stage out there.

If the Seahawks decide to go the other way and bring in a new coach for Russell Wilson and let him continue to play with D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett in the Pacific Northwest the Giants should sign Pete Carroll and a savvy director of player personal for the Ravens for the last two decades, Joe Horitz. They decide to draft Kenny Pickett or Matt Coral and let one of those young studs battle Daniel Jones for the starting job. We will either see that Jones is not the answer or he will prove that he is. We either way need to draft an offensive lineman with one of the two first round picks and depending on which avenue the Giants go down draft either a QB or a pass rusher on the edge.

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