If You Have 90 Minutes...

As a 37 year old, who was brought up a New York Giants fan, my family tuned in to FOX every Sunday. You ask anyone my age, they will tell you the same thing, John Madden was the best commentator to watch a NFL game to. The way he kept you invested in the game, the added sounds effects, the teleprompter doodles and his larger than life persona summed up my Sundays as a kid. If you have not watch the documentary on his incredible life, YOU MUST!

The story is 90 minutes of John Madden, the coach, the commentator, the video game mogul and the man. It shows an in depth look as the Raiders Super Bowl coach, the different networks he worked for, the "Madden Bus" trips, the 2006 HOF, EA Sports video games, and of course Brett Favre. It brought back so many of my memories as a young NFL fan and I am willing to bet it will do the same for you.

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